The New Site

Hey, guys. This one’s a bit business-y, but I’m planning on writing something more interesting tonight.

I decided I wanted to consolidate all of my writing to one website; one that would be easier to find, more suited to my cross-media and personal editorials. I don’t plan on bringing over all of my old writing from Giant Bomb, Screened, or my Blogger profile, though I might bring over some of the ones that occur to me as still-relevant.

When I decided I wanted to start a more general blog site, I was between two choices; Tumblr and WordPress. After doing a little research, I decided to go with WordPress for a few reasons:

1) Tumblr seems less suited to long-form blogging. While I’ve certainly seen some four-paragraph posts hit high traffic on Tumblr (with lots of sharing,) some of what I write will probably be a lot longer than that.

2) For the most part, I plan to post text and maybe some video. Both of those things seem pretty feasible here on WordPress; if I was focusing on images, Tumblr would be more appropriate.

3) I’m able to buy my own domain here on WordPress rather than just existing as a submdomain. For the less tech-savvy out there, that means I can own “” rather than posting to “”

There are some downsides; Tumblr obviously has higher traffic than WordPress, and some people who might support me on Tumblr won’t see my blog here on WordPress. But I have my Twitter, and I’ll be making a Tumblr for sharing as well.

Anyways, I hope you like the new site. I’m hoping paying for a domain will motivate me to write more. Here’s to the future.