Triad: I Started A Podcast!

Hey, so, my best friend Austin and I have started a movie podcast named Triad. Our goal is to watch three movies from a self-selected “trilogy,” with a shared theme, actor, genre, idea, heck, maybe even a trilogy at some point, and do an episode about each. Our first theme is “Three From The Heart,” where we’re talking about three romantic dramas that get overlooked as “fluffy” or dismissed as “girly.” We’re not about that, so we decided to take these movies pretty seriously.

The two episodes we’ve done are for the Keanu Reeves/Sandra Bullock movie “The Lake House” (which, spoilers, is bad) and the modern classic “The Notebook” (which, spoilers, we both liked.) Austin keeps worrying that we’re not funny enough, but I think we had good conversations about these movies.

However, we’re pretty new at this, and Austin is still getting used to the idea of making enough time to really edit this show. We’re still wooly. As a result, there’ll be more “ums” and “uhs” in these first two episodes than as we go along. We’re happy to take any feedback you wanna give, I’m sure, so if you listen, let us know!

We’ll be on iTunes at some point, and we’re hoping to get our RSS feed set up soon. For now, we’ll be at this Soundcloud page, getting way into cinematography after we done watched The Lake House and just fawning over Rachel McAdams’s dresses in our episode about The Notebook.

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