On Film, Letterboxd

Dear audience,

It seems I’ve begun to neglect this site wholly. The truth is that I haven’t taken much time for pleasure writing, completing each piece I write in twenty minutes or less. One or two pieces have appeared in my university newspaper, The Daily Cardinal, which took a bit longer.

I’m going to begin to post older writing to this website that I find myself proud to publish. I’ll at most publish one or two posts per day from my backlog, so that my best writing may be found on this site, but also so that it is not overwhelmed.

Most of this writing will be on films; I find myself using Letterboxd intensely this year. It’s a powerful website which allows a user to catalog the films they’re watching and write about them. I don’t often intend to write much and find myself writing quite a bit. You can find my profile here and find out how much more studying I ought to be doing.

Letterboxd has helped me de-mythologize the movies, removing what I once sensed as this powerful “work” that went into watching. My mother and I used to argue about how I went into every movie with an albatross, as though each one were to be taken in as soberly as a courtroom in session. It kept me from watching a lot of great films because “it wasn’t the right night.” But seeing how many movies the people in my life are watching without me having heard of them finally helped me to get over that inhibition, and what it’s allowed me to do is fall back in love with the movies. You were right, mom. Happy Mother’s Day.

The cinema has pulled me into its thrall. Whether I’m working, relaxing, drinking my coffee, it’s accompanied by great cinema. I’m so invested in the film that I’ve begun to wonder how people transition from phase to phase of entertainment, at one moment a TV buff, another an album enthusiast, another a “hardcore gamer.” How long does it take, on average, before someone finds themselves in another hobby? What enthusiasm is lost before the next revival? And what kind of dedication is required to result in true proficiency?

I’m going to be exploring some of those questions at the movies for now. The watchlist includes about one hundred Netflix Instant Streaming films, a few hundred likely in the Criterion Collection on Hulu Plus, and a large majority of the rest will be available at my local video store (I have an unlimited, three-films-at-a-time subscription) or one of the several local theaters. At the rate I’ve been watching, I’m likely to cut that watchlist in half by year’s end, and maybe wind up doubling its length. If you want to help with that in any way, feel free. In the meantime, I’ll try to keep writing for you.


2 thoughts on “On Film, Letterboxd

  1. My greatest joy is that I haven’t found the genres to be “phases of entertainment” but collections and journeys that enhance each other, twirl and dance and surprise you even when you are not looking for it.

    Through the years, I have loved rock and folk music, and movies, and before that novels, and after that jazz music, art, and television. And studying birds and flowers. And opera and French music. Now, rap and hip hop and Dale Chihuly. Oh, and football, baseball, and ice skating. And every bit of travel.

    Cultural literacy brings respect, understanding, and great joy for a lifetime. And we are forever surrounded by opportunities. It can never be taken away from you.

    Thanks for a happy Mother’s Day! Sent from my iPad


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